Cuckmere Wedding Belle


15th April 2011 - 6th September 2019


Poppygold Aniseed Twist for Cuckmere 


Cuckmere Magical Miracle


Molly is a puppy Shirley kept from the second mating of Honey - Cuckmere Magical Miracle and our Jaffa -Poppygold Aniseed Twist for Cuckmere.

Named the Wedding litter after the 'Royal Wedding' of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Sadly, Molly became rather poorly in the early summer of 2019 - various tests were carried out with no real explaination of what was going on and she was not responding to any treatment,  After a long discussion with our long standing vet who we trust implicity, we decided on one final set of tests to see if there was an answer - sadly this was not conclusive and the kindest thing to do was give her Peace. 

Molly was such a kind and gentle girl - taken from Shirley and Andrew far too early.  Thankfully she did have a litter, just 2 boys but they have kept Chester - who is a gorgeous boy.


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