Cuckmere Magical Miracle


 12th July 2005  -  22nd September 2019


Millwater Bright Spell   X  Cuckmere Secret Fantasy


Hips  6:7

Elbows  1


Dearest Honey - she was from the first litter Shirley and Andrew bred - so a very special girl.  She had an exceptional nature, always happy and loving, especially as grandchildren arrived on the scene - a friend to them all.

Honey had 2 beautiful litters and Shirley and Andrew kept Honey from the 2nd litter to our own Jaffa.

Sadly, Honey had an open sore/growth develop on her thigh which was surgically removed.  Shirley and Andrew took the decision not to have it sent away for anaylsis.  It was shortly after this surgery that her daughter Molly became ill and sadly passed away.  Honey then also deteriorated, she seemed lost without her daughter and one Sunday morning it looked as though she's had a stroke so a trip to the vet was made.  They were incredibly kind and supportive, and sadly the decision was made to let her go and be with her daughter.

Fortunately they have Molly's son Chester to keep them company, but they have since added to their numbers with one of Ivy's puppies Holly and also one of Chester's daughters Rosie!


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