Gorsina Lady of Cuckmere


14th October 1995  -  27th July 2010


Woowich Gun  X  Polypody Bracken


Hips  6:7


Well, what can I say about Mollie.  She was the most perfect dog anyone could ever wish for.  She was born relatively local to us, in a huge farnhouse and reared in the kitchen beside the Aga - what a start to her life!

We bought her home at 7 weeks and she was such an easy puppy, quick and eager to learn.  We attended the local Dog Training Club and she excelled in all that was asked of her.

It had always been a dream of mine to have a litter of puppies of my own - so my journey began by having her health tests done and all was fine.  Then on to find her a husband!  We found a proven show dog not too far away.  We introduced them prior to her coming into season and they got on really well.  When mating day came, I was quite shocked on how clinical it was, Mollie wasn't allowed even to see him!!  Anyway, he did the business but no puppies resulted.  I was therefore entitled to try again on her next season - same routine and again no puppies.

I made the decision it was going to be 3rd time lucky - it came to my knowledge that a stud from a very well known kennel lived just up the road from us - Mollie loved him, they did the deed and 9 weeks later we had our first litter.  Mollie was an amazing mum, loved her babies and we repeated this mating the following year with another lovely litter.

Mollie was a favourite with all our family, she lived a very long and happy life, losing the ability to get around much in the later months of her life.  Sadly we had to make the decision to give her sleep, which was done quietly at home with me cuddling her.  

Loved and missed even to this day - till we meet again Molls xxx

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