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As a family we decided in 1992 that the time was right for us to add a dog to our family.  We put to a vote on what breeder we would like and the Golden Retriever won!  It is a decision I haven't regretted ever since. 

In our haste to get a dog we didn't do enough research and our first Retriever Megan - was sadly born on a puppy farm.  She was poorly soon after we bought her home and after a trip to the vet, he suggested we return her.  We knew then what her outcome would be and decided to keep her and hope her tummy troubles were not going to be a long term problem.  

Megans temperament was not good, certainly not we thought of especially in a Golden Retriever.

When we decided to get a companion for Megan, we thoroughly researched the breeder and met mum and her puppies several times before bringing Mollie home with us.

Mollie was just the perfect dog and when we suddenly lost Megan in an accident, I then started to think about having a litter of my own with the intention of keeping a bitch puppy.

After having Mollie's health tests done, we found a lovely boy to be be her boyfriend.  After a sucessful mating, we were very disappointed to find that she was not expecting puppies.  We tried again the following season and again no puppies.  For the third and final time of trying, we found another super dog and it was love at first sight!  9 weeks after a loving mating we had a wonderful litter of 5 - only the one bitch but she was my pride and joy - Ellie-May.

It was a wonderful experience for our family to raise the litter and we repeated the mating 15 months later and this time Mollie had 6 babies - again we decided to keep one - Sophie.

We took all of our girls to Dog Training Classes and all 3 passed the KC Gold Award.

After a couple of years we thought we'd like another litter and had both girls health tests done and again lovely results.  Sadly Ellie had a stricture which made mating impossible but on advice we took her to a Specialist who was able to 'sort her out' and eventually she had 2 lovely litters and Sophie went on to have 5 litters - from which we have kept 2, Mia and Maisie.

And so our large family of Goldens started....

This website goes on to show all litters bred here and some of the photos new owners have sent to me.  It is very important to me that puppy buyers remain in touch and let me know how their puppy is developing.

When we first had Goldens we got heavily involved in attending out local Dog Training Club - we attended displays etc and thoroughly enjoyed helping the girls achieve their Kennel Club Gold Awards.  After a while, my daughter Kelly and I took over the running of the Puppy Classes which gave us a lot of pleasure - giving new owners and their puppies a good start together.  As the years went by, I started to develop an interest in showing my girls and due to time commitments gave up the training.

It is very difficult for 'new faces' to break into the Show scene, but I have enjoyed going to shows, especially the Open Shows which are often held at Ardingly.  I have been to several Championship Shows, going as far as Devon in a day!  Very tiring days but we have been rewarded by qualifying for Crufts with Florrie and Dixon.

I was too scared to take Florrie, but went to watch the Golden Retrievers classes and then decided if I was ever lucky enought o qualify again I would definitely go.  I was extremely fortunate to be able to take Dixon - we had a lovely time running on the 'green carpet'.  An experience I will never forget.

I do still occasionally attend shows and I do hope to get to Crufts again sometime.

Golden Retrievers are a huge part of our family life.  My daughter sadly lost her boy Jaffa in October 2018 but hopes to have another one join her family shortly...

We currently have 6 Goldens living here - ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 12 years.  We breed occasionally, so if it's a Cuckmere Golden Retriever you would like, you may have to wait a while.  The girls are primarily our family pets and not breeding machines, they deserve a life and we feel they have a wonderful one here with us.

***  We now have 7 Goldens - we are incredibly fortunate to have welcomed Bertie to our family and he lives with Kelly and her children


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