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At long last I have managed to get access to the website builder so can again update.

Lots has happened during the last 7 months so will take some time to add all the news, so please keeping popping back...  

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Firstly may I welcome you to the website of Cuckmere Golden Retrievers.

My dogs are foremost our family pets. They live with us in the house as part of our family and our lives revolve around them! They all regularly attend the local Dog Training Club, which they all thoroughly enjoy and I have been a Puppy Trainer.

We attend several Open Dog Shows within reasonable travelling distance and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  We have had some success to build on for the future.  I would love to show my dogs at a more competitive level having experienced my first Championship Shows in 2013.  During 2014 we qualified our Dixon for Crufts 2015 and a pup, Manny from Tizzie’s second litter has also qualified. We are very proud of both these boys.  I would also, at some stage, like to train the dogs for what they were originally bred for - picking up game.

We occasionally breed from the girls and will only do so when we feel they are mature enough and we have sufficient time and energy to devote to raising a litter.

My dogs have all been hip-scored and have well below the breed average scores - the current average now being 18. To comply with the Kennel Clubs Accredited Breeder scheme’s recommendations - my dogs will, in future have their elbows scored too. All bitches and stud dogs which are used in my breeding programme also hold current clear eye certificates.  In 2011, the Animal Health Trust developed a new DNA test for PRA and we will also be participating in this scheme. 

My aim is twofold a) to produce healthy, sound, good quality puppies with temperament being my main priority and b) to find them the best possible permanent homes, whether it be a working, show or pet home, where they will be happy, loved and cared for, for the rest of their lives. Should anyone’s circumstances change, we are always here to provide help and support at any time.

I am a member of The Golden Retriever Club - The Golden Retriever Club and the Southern Golden Retriever Society.

In October 2008, we welcomed a new breed into our family - a Cairn Terrier we have named Missy. A very different type of dog to our Goldens but Missy fits in brilliantly with the family and we truly believe she thinks she’s a Retriever!!

I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


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